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Pullman AS5, Hako Supervac 50, Vacuum Bags - Pk10 Zoom

Pullman AS5, Hako Supervac 50, Vacuum Bags - Pk10

BRAND: RapidClean

Packaged under the RapidClean brand, paper vacuum cleaner bags to suit the to suit: Pullman AS5, Ghibli AS5, Spitwater AS5, Hako SuperVac 50, pull along vacuum cleaners.  Cleanstar Reference AF1000-10.

The most common bags for domestic vacuums are our double-walled Paper dust bags, but we also have stronger Synthetic bags that are more durable and consist of five (5) layers of fabric and offer better filtration for selected models. We can access a comprehensive range of double-walled paper dust bags as well as synthetic bags for selected models.

Click on the link below to visit the Cleanstar/Starbag website to see our entire range - sequenced by brand.