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Cleanstar Vacuum Cleaner Bags. Click for Application Details Zoom

Cleanstar Vacuum Cleaner Bags. Click for Application Details

BRAND: Cleanstar

Cleanstar distributes its own brand of generic vacuum cleaner bags under the STARBAG banner. There are several types of vacuum bags available. The most common for domestic vacuums are double-walled Paper dust bags, but there is also the stronger Synthetic bags that are more durable and consist of five (5) layers of fabric and offer better filtration.

There are also have a number of Cloth Reuseable bags which can be emptied and re-used over and over again. With over 300 different types of vaccum cleaner bags in stock that are suitable for thousands of different vacuum cleaner brands and models, we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive range of vacuum bags in Australia. All of our bags come in either cardboard box packaging or plastic polybag with a hangsell tab for convenient retail display. Packaging is also colour coded to make it easier for customers to identify which dust bags are made from Paper (Blue) and which are Synthetic (Orange).

Click on the link at the bottom of the page and visit www.starbag.com.au to see our full vacuum bag range - sequenced by make and model. Call our sales team on 1300 943 732 for all enquiries.

Starbg stock code displyed in blue. Whereabout Supply code displayed in Maroon.

AF157 - Aquavac & Shopvac Domestica 950-960, 7404, 8504, 8524,8724, 1000 Plus. Black & Decker Wet & Dry Models VX50, VX90, Cleanfix S180VACS9040
AF165 - Airflo - Galaxy, Aurora, De Longhi  - XT1200, XTC1300, XTR1300. Goblin - Corona, Whisper, Eurora. Hoover - 1300s/1400s, Hero, Gemini - VACS9041
AF180 - Volta Models 208 - 265, Red Devil, Elite 1300, U206-U280, U208, U208G, U228, U229, U2000 series - VACS9030
AF193 - Electrolux, Euroclean, Karcher, Nilfisk & Pullman models - VACS9045
AF198  - Alto - Aero 440/460, 640, 840. Clark DTV5,DTV7. De Longhi - XD1000, XW1200. Ghibli - M5. Kerrick - Rocky 103. Nilfisk - Aero. Pullman - Tradesman, Janitor CB15, CB15P, PV100, ABS, Semi 1200 - VACS9066
AF200 Electrolux - Harmony, Ingenio, Harmony. Volta - Beetle, Euro Compact, Ingenio - VACS9110
AF283 - Electrolux Backpack ZEVI Dust Collection - Sealed. PacVac PV2000 EnviroVac SafteyPro Backpack - VACS9026
AF283 - Hoover Turbo Power 2 & 3 series. Wind Tunnel, Concept. PacVac EnviroVac $ SafteyPro Backpacks - VACS9105
AF375 Miele Black Diamond S Seies 23cm X 20.5 cm - VACS9090
AF390GNumatic synthetic bag. Suits Charles, Henry, George, James, Hetty, Junior, RSV130 Backpack. Paper Bag equivalent - VACS9064
AF391 - Numatic RSV130 backpack, Numatic Junior Pull along - VACS9036
AF450 - Black & Decker Housekeeper 1,2,3, VB11, VB34, VB72. Hoover - TFS5182,  Panasonic - MC MCE models - VACS9055
AF450 B&D Housekeeper 1,2,3, VB11,VB34, VB72,VB33 General Electric VB11, VB34, VB72, Hoover Freespace TFS5182 Panasonic MC &MCE series - VACS9059
AF500 -Cleanstar 1400 - VACS9070
 AF501S - ShopVac 20 & 30L Machines - VACS9145
AF555 - Electrolux - Ingenio, Harmony. Volta - Beetle, Euro Compact, Ingenio - VACS9115
AF1001 - Cleanstar -  VC15L, VC15LP.  Wertheim - XL180, 3030, 3030T, Rondo - VACS9125
AF1001 - Ghibli WS90, Cleanstar - VC15L, VC15LP. Wertheim XL180, 3030, 3030T, Rondo - VACS9140
AF1005 - Werheim ET2000, Karcher 2001, Camstar, A2004, Shopvac, Vacmaster 20L SC256- 258, Piranha  ZDW400, Sunbeam - SV071, SV076, Vacstream - 1400/1500 - VACS9039
AF1025 - Various Domestic Models. Airflo, Cascade, Cleanstar, Dirt Devil, Dustflo, Electrolux, Hoover, Kambrook, LG, Modern Day, Samsung, Volta - VACS9100
AF1026 - Airflo Tropicana, Black & Decker - VM650,VM800,  Hoover - Conquest, Patriot, Cat n Dog, Hotshotz, Powerforce, Silverado, Equip, Powermax, Hygiene, Powerforce, Smart.  Sanyo - Mite Hunter. Vax - Hunter, Eyre, Vivaltvs, Volta - Dolphin Series - VACS9120
AF1029 - Windsor Censor XP15 Bags - VACS9135
AF1073 -  new RocketVac XP - VACS9071
AF1054  - Paper filter bags for Karcher NT35/1 Wet & Dry Vac - VACS9141
AF-LIND - Windsor Censor XP15 - VACS9130