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Hako Shadow Vac, Rocket Vac, Vacuum Cloth Bag Zoom

Hako Shadow Vac, Rocket Vac, Vacuum Cloth Bag

BRAND: Cleanstar

White Cloth Bag. Suit Hako Shadow Vac, Rocket Vac and Rotobic Backpacks, 192mm. Rotobic Polisher. Cleanstar Reference CB3

Cloth Reuseable bags which can be emptied and re-used over and over again. We can access a comprehensive range of double-walled paper dust bags as well as synthetic bags for selected models. We also colour code our packaging to make it easier for customers to identify which dust bags are made from Paper (Blue) and which are Synthetic (Orange).

Click on the link below to visit the Cleanstar/Starbag website with over 300 different types of vacuum cleaner bags that are suitable for thousands of different vacuum cleaner brands and models.

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